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Lynn D. Feiger

Lynn Feiger has obtained the largest damages awards for employees in the Rocky Mountain area.

In June 2012, Ms. Feiger received the Mary Lathrop award from the Colorado Women’s Bar Association for lifetime achievement in the legal profession. In 2006, she settled a large class action against the Denver Mint on behalf of its female employees, obtaining $9 million in damages and significant affirmative relief. More recently, she represented the named charging parties against Outback Steakhouse in a settlement obtaining $19 million in relief for class members. She has obtained judgements and/or settled cases against many of the largest employers in Colorado.

Ms. Feiger has been practicing employment law for more than four decades. She tried (and won) the first sexual harassment case in the country and has been successful in obtaining many landmark decisions in Colorado on such issues as the enforcement of handbooks and the right of employees to oppose illegal actions by their employers. She currently specializes in multi-plaintiff and complex employment cases. In 2015 she was successful in obtaining a $14,000,000 verdict in Federal court against Matheson Trucking, Inc. ( In addition to her litigation background, Ms. Feiger has a special expertise in employment counseling and settlement negotiations. In this regard, she has a special informational website for employees:

Many of the plaintiff employment lawyers in Colorado have been trained by Ms. Feiger. She has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America for several decades and has also been designated one of the top plaintiff’s trial lawyers in Colorado. She also is a fellow of the American Bar Association’s College of Employment Lawyers and is one of the founding members and former President and Board Chairperson of the Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyers Association.

Ms. Feiger attended Brandeis University and the University of California at Los Angeles as a undergraduate, and graduated from the University of Southern California Law School in 1971. She also has a Masters in Law and Society from the University of Denver Law School. Ms. Feiger has published and lectured widely in employment law issues.

Justin Plaskov

Justin Plaskov, together with Lynn Feiger, manages the employment law department of Lohf Shaiman. Mr. Plaskov was a key member of the trial team, which obtained a $14,000,000 punitive damages verdict on behalf of seven low wage earners, who worked sorting mail for a private federal contractor. Camara, et. al. v. Matheson Trucking, Inc.,, 12-CV-03040 (D.Colo. 2015). Mr. Plaskov has won trials in federal, state, and county court.

Representing an employee in a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Mr. Plaskov obtained a summary judgment ruling in favor of his client. This is one of the only summary judgment rulings for a discrimination plaintiff in the entire United States. Cole v. Weatherford Int’l, LLC, No. 14-CV-1115 (D. Colo. June 23, 2015).

In addition to litigation, Mr. Plaskov consults with clients to help them negotiate severance agreements and non-competition agreements. Mr. Plaskov has specialized expertise in non-competes, confidentiality agreements, trade secret agreements, and non-solicitation agreements.

Outside of the employment law context, Mr. Plaskov represents individuals who need assistance with wills and trusts; estate planning litigation; property disputes, including quiet title actions; breach of contract; construction defect; and a number of other legal claims and needs.

Mr. Plaskov also represents businesses who need assistance with litigation, business disputes, administrative proceedings, corporate documents, and employment law specific documents (including employee handbooks, employee contracts, and employment law policies).




Lohf Shaiman Jacobs Hyman & Feiger PC


Founded originally in 1962, the firm of Lohf Shaiman Jacobs Hyman & Feiger PC offers legal services in a number of practice areas led by attorneys who are nationally recognized in their field. Employment Law is one of the major practice areas of the firm.


The Employment Law practice area is led by Ms. Feiger though a number of other experienced shareholders regularly represent both employers and employees with respect to employment issues. Jeffrey Hyman represents employees and employers in wrongful discharge, contracts, independent contractor and discrimination issues. Charles Jacobs represents employers and executives with regard to employment compensation, stock options and corporate legal issues. And Robert Shaiman has a specialized expertise in legal issues involving security brokers. Steve Kapnik has also repsesented employees extensively with respect to various civil rights issues.


Stephanie Struble, an experienced associate attorney, works closely with Ms. Feiger in the the Employment Law practice area. 




Employees We Represent

We represent all types of employees who need counseling or legal representation.  


Claims include:    

  • Employment discrimination, including age discrimination, pregnancy discrimination and disability discrimination

  • Employee litigation, including for government employees; 

  • Wrongful termination; 

  • Class action litigation; 

  • Sexual harassment; 

  • Employment contracts, severance agreements, non-compete covenants and trade secrets; 

  • Wage and hour; 

  • Employment handbooks/policies and procedures; 

  • Retaliation

  • Civil rights litigation; 

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Whistleblower & Qui Tam

  • Unemployment claims





How We Charge

In general, we charge an initial consultation fee of between $150 and $350, depending on the issues involved and which attorney you see. At the initial consultation, we will assess your case, offer legal advice, and suggest appropriate action, if any, to be taken. If you are interested in obtaining legal advice please call us at (303) 753-9000 and ask to speak with our employment paralegal, Ms. Laura Johnson.





Contact Us

Please DO NOT send us material by mail or e-mail.  If you are interested in contacting us for an appointment, please call (303) 753-9000 and ask to speak with Mr. Justin Plaskov.


Lohf Shaiman Jacobs Hyman & Feiger PC is located at 950 South Cherry Street, Suite 900, Denver, Colorado 80246.